The Program

Four sessions of sport, three massive evening programs, and nightly gatherings in the Village make up the State Youth Games experience.

From the home base of Lardner Park, teams spread across Warragul and neighbouring Drouin and Trafalgar to play sport across two sessions each day. Then in the evenings they come together to share fellowship over a meal and attend the awesome State Youth Games evening program featuring music, worship, and input from a world-class speaker. Afterward, the community and fellowship of State Youth Games continues in the Village.



Sport at SYG is all about fun. Teams are encouraged to have a good time, make some special memories, and encourage one another. While all good sporting matches involve a little bit of competition, this is not why we’re at State Youth Games. Participants are encouraged to try a range of sports from the common—basketball, netball, soccer—to some more unique games like bubble soccer, European handball, and bocce. And if outdoor sports aren’t your thing, UNO, Mario Karts, dance, and chess are on offer. All our sports invite individuals and teams to cheer one another on, so if you don’t want to play, come along anyway and cheer your little heart out!

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Camping culture is a huge aspect of State Youth Games. It’s a space where friendships are formed and grow; where conversations about life, faith, and the everyday occur; where community blossoms from the crackling of the fire, the toasting of marshmallows, and the shared experience of sleeping under the wintery country sky.

Most groups who attend SYG camp at Lardner Park—our tent city. This is home base for each team, the place to gather for meals, rest, and enjoy the evening program. All sites are powered and you’ll be allocated to an area prior to arriving. There are multiple toilet blocks and shower trucks for you to wash that mud off on site! No illicit drugs, smoking or alcohol is permitted on site.


Buddy Groups

The Buddy Group system is vital aspect to camping at State Youth Games. All groups are encouraged to pair up with one another and share resources and/or a campsite. This is particularly helpful for smaller groups or first time groups who are new to the SYG experience. Buddy Groups also help develop and strengthen church and group relationships outside of the State Youth Games weekend.


Evening Program

A major SYG highlight, the evening program sees teams gather together for a massive worship rally presented in a relevant format in the main shed at Lardner Park. Evening programs are designed to invite everyone into conversation about aspects of life, faith, and purpose. The evening program provides an opportunity for those who follow Jesus to engage in an intentional time of musical worship and hear input from our featured speaker.


The Village

A space for teams and individuals to connect off the sporting field, the Village provides opportunities for participants to relax in the movie tent, enjoy a coffee or hot chocolate over some smooth acoustic music, or burn off some more energy at the dance party and an array of rope challenges. The Village also hosts the Night Market, comprised of stall holders representing ethically-made products or showcasing causes and organisations close to the heartbeat of State Youth Games.