State Youth Games is a project of Youth Vision Vic/Tas, the youth and young adult arm of Churches of Christ Vic/Tas. State Youth Games began in 1990 with a desire to see young people engage with faith and have a whole lot of fun playing sport. It has grown into what it is today due to the faithful work of volunteers and generous donors.

State Youth Games seeks to see communities and individuals interact in ways that encourage the building of communities and the discovery of Jesus Christ. We use sport and camping as a medium for these things to happen. We are passionate about individuals and young people knowing and engaging with the truth that they are valued, loved, and have communities arranged around them who are for them.

If what State Youth Games represents—love of young people, love of community, love of God—syncs with you and your organization, we’d love to hear from you. Our sponsors are part of the SYG family and have made it what it is today.

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Interested in sponsoring or supporting SYG? Want to hold a stall in our nightly Village?

Sponsorship and supporter options are flexible and can be tailored to your organisation, what you want to achieve with a partnership, and your budget.

Drop us a line and tell us a bit about yourself; we’d love to have a chat!



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