God is with us, God is in us, and God acts through us.

In 2018, SYG is exploring how God is with us at all times, dwelling with us, and speaking to us and inspiring us to act in love towards the world. God inspires a vision for his world, a message for his people, and actions that we can take to bring his Kingdom closer.

God has a plan for this world, a plan that will heal the brokenness and divisions between people and restore the world to right relationship with him, with the created world, with others, and with ourselves.

As we listen to God, he shares his heart for the world and we are called to respond.

We are inspired.

What are you inspired to do this SYG season? Share your ideas on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with #SYGInspire.

Lardner Park

155 Burnt Store Rd, Lardner VIC

Friday to Monday

Queens Birthday Long Weekend, June

Sports open to ages 13-30

Community open to all ages


Work out what team you are going with. You’ll need to know the name your team uses at State Youth Games, which might be different than the name of your church, organisation, or youth group.


Head over to the registration page and select your team from the drop down list. Then enter your details so that your team knows who is coming.


Pay your team fees to your Group Coordinator, pack your bag, and do some stretches. You’re coming to State Youth Games!

Registrations are currently closed.

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